From Sand - Part I

by The Element

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Chapter 1 - Prologue Please Sit Down (Intro) - Narrator (Rafael Maced music and lyrics/Jeremy Villucci Music) Reality is just a tangible mantle that separates these two worlds. Please sit down... Have you ever felt so small that you didn't want to know the truth? That perhaps, if you even caught a trace of it All the cosmic energy in the Universe would collapse? Perhaps it's easier to just avoid it To drift through life unconscious Unaware with an evasive mind Don't ask me why I'm able to answer these questions Because this is my crusade Just remember All that we are will remain intact for eternity Until the universe decides to change the rules...
Chapter II - Presenting Jared Narrowing Part I (Music Rafael Macedo – Lyrics Thomas Marin) Jared My vision is narrowing No wide expectation I can’t see where I’m going I’m lost in desperation All the paths converging Into a single-lane road Somehow I keep pushing And faith is my only load I can’t miss what I’m leaving (Behind) Narrowing… again Narrowing… ahead Narrowing… for us My choices are blurring But I don’t need an option Now that I’m not planning I can run without caution Narrowing… according to my dreams Narrowing… the way I thought it would Narrowing… you know what it means Narrowing… so my fate comes through No leashes on time No fears to tie me down The control isn’t mine So I can free my mind If my sight is narrowed “I’ll see much far ahead” I’m no longer chasing I’m taken by good intention I’m not leading or escaping I’m guided by perception
Chapter III – Jared’s recurring Dream Lady In The Seashore (Music Rafael Macedo/ Lyrics Thomas Marin) Jared “The lady in the seashore has a strange tattoo, She came to me and said: “I had it made for you, So come on, my poet, sing a song of yours, Sing to me a song that will save the poor.” She lives by the road, right upon the hill. She cares about the ones who are in love or ill. That place is called: The White Palace Of Dreams, But it's not exactly the way that it seems.” Every time you go until that dark door, You don’t have to say what you came for, Just tell her your name before you get in And you won't need to say what you're feeling. In the night, if you see that the evil’s near, You are not allowed to feel any fear, 'Cos they know that the Lady In The Seashore Won't let them take you away anymore. She's the first daughter of the strong King Crow, Who lives with the Queen Dove and a sweet vow; Living in love until the bitter end, Something many humans can't understand. The palace is hidden in a fortress of green, That's why just a few have ever seen The sweet lady has a weird ancient name, Just the King Crow knows from whom it came. Maybe it was written in the skin of a goddess Or it's just another word that's meaningless. The lady is flying away with her silver wings, She left in the wind the words the poet sings. She knows it's always too late to hate, Even if we are alone, 'cos this is our fate.
Chapter IV – The Love Act She's Made From Sand (Music Rafael Macedo/ Lyrics Thomas Marin) Jared I'm like God's original man: Mud waiting for your touch. “I'm nothing”, Still cast aside from the Paradise scene. Like the clearest crystal She's made from sand And breaks so easily My clumsy simian fingers Let her escape with the rain Spin the world to start again Like the time in the hourglass Fallin' pieces … lost sand grains… If the sun comes to mold her on My weak cold skin “can't hold on” And, again, she's too far gone Like the building in the desert She's made from sand
Shine Shy Shine (Music Rafael Macedo/ Lyrics Thomas Marin/Mitch Stewart) Narrator Now she should cry in the same familiar rhythm Then she must fall to keep the beat At heart, this is her melody Anne I cannot be a light to hearts without a sun I don't wanna be the one to say you're not alone I can't be the lamplight in your darkened path Smile like daylight, and shine...Shine shy shine Narrator "Same Rhythm then she must fall to keep the beat" And now she sings along with someone else's song And with rare confidence she acts as though This is her melody She sings alone With someone else's song She knows it by heart She looks up at me as she lies right by my side And clouds, they blow away Another day passes by A vivid memory, she sings again This is her melody She lies awake in the moonlight Open window, curtains blow And she can't help but think That somewhere out there lies the answer to her dreams...... She knows... She won’t hear The sweet words… that she needs... This is just another day She knows it by heart I cannot be "Shine my Anne" A light to hearts without a sun I cannot be the lamplight in your darkened path Shine
Chapter VI - She leaves Hope Departed (Music Rafael Macedo/Lyrics Thomas Marin) Jared Softly but hurting me Hope departed What should be for us Isn’t mine anymore That's all departed I wish was wise enough to listen Wasted with the breeze A stream against my jaw I just don’t wanna kneel again Meaning always nothing When it’s all departed
Chapter VII – The Endless Search Promises (At Least One Sunny Day) (Music Mitch Stewart/ Lyrics Thomas Marin/Mitch Stewart) Jared Another day gone Another one closer to death Sitting here, waiting, Impatiently wondering What lies ahead? Anne Calm down my darling Hush my dear Promises… She should keep Promises... Are lies we seek Every mile gone Seems to lead me astray With every sunrise I hope Find my way Anne Calm down my darling Hush my dear Promises… She should keep Promises... Are lies we seek Promises… Promises… Ah! Morning promises. Ah! Promises… She should keep Promises... Are lies we seek At least one sunny day… At least one sunny day…
Chapter VIII – Lullaby The Curtains Of My Eyes (Music Jeremy Villucci/Lyrics Jeremy Villucci/Rafael Macedo) Narrator A boat made from sand Leaving wakes in your eyes As it drifts away Wind spurs fear Leaving the sense of unknown behind The curtains of my eyes Will they dance again? The waltz steps of love It's all so Natural…


Presented in a special Digipack format,"From Sand - Part I" submerges you in a story of mystery - orchestrating a perfect match between powerful guitars/bass & drums, while bathing in a symphony of intense vocals, ethereal keys, and dynamic compositions.


released January 12, 2012


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The Element California

The Element is a progressive metal band, which uses their knowledge as work tool, mixing technique, feeling and heaviness in their music. Some of the band’s influences are, Angra, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Dream Theater, Symphony X..

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